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Car rental in Martinique

Terms of Sales

MAGLOCATION.COM is a trademark of SAS MAGL. Our head office is located at 78 Tivoli Morne-Laurent 97234 Fort-de-France - MARTINIQUE. No of SIRET: 820 955 813 00010. Our general conditions of sale, as well as the conditions of use of our website, and our security policy form an integral part of the contract concluded with you, within the framework of the services that we provide in as a car rental provider or contacting a seasonal home owner. Together, they constitute and are referred to as "our terms of sale".


The MAGLOCATION.COM website is an online platform where guests can publish advertisements for holidays homes that travelers can consult for information or to book accommodation directly with the hosts. You understand and agree that MAGLOCATION.COM is not party to any agreement between hosts and travelers, and that it does not have the status of real estate broker, real estate agent or insurer. MAGLOCATION.COM has no control over the behavior of the hosts, travelers or other users of the site or concerning accommodation, and MAGLOCATION.COM excludes all liability in this respect to the extent permitted by law.

The hirers of holidays homes (hosts) are independent third party co-contractors, not employees, agents, co-entrepreneurs or partners of MAGLOCATION.COM for any reason whatsoever, and act exclusively on their behalf and for their own benefit , And not in the name or for the benefit of MAGLOCATION.COM. MAGLOCATION.COM does not control and has no right to control, announcement, offline activities associated with the ad or any other matters related to any ad provided.

You acknowledge and agree that by accessing or using the site you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of these conditions, you must not make any reservations. If you accept these Conditions on behalf of a corporation or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have the right to bind the said corporation or other legal entity in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, in which case "you", "your" shall refer to and apply to such company or other legal entity.


These conditions apply to each of our contracts as part of our services, excluding any other terms and conditions. No deed of reservation at MAGLOCATION.COM shall constitute acceptance of any other conditions whatsoever. Acceptance of these services or a signature affixed to any agreement or contract will be considered conclusive evidence of your acceptance of these terms and conditions. MAGLOCATION.COM also makes changes from time to time to its terms and conditions and you are advised to check our website in case of any change to your terms. Any rental vehicle is subject to the conditions of sale of rental imposed by our suppliers and to the French legislation. More specific restrictions may also apply to your vehicle rental.

A vehicle will be provided by our services either directly on this site or we will serve as an agent with a rental company. The function we occupy depends on our relationship with the car rental company.

These conditions apply to all bookings you make to our company directly or through this website; Therefore, be aware of its contents. Our terms and conditions of sale as well as those of our local suppliers contain certain exclusions and limitations of liability. The reservation you make on this website is subject to your acceptance of our terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of these conditions, you must not make any reservations. By confirming that you wish to reserve a vehicle through this website, you acknowledge having read, understood and accepted these conditions of sale. If you do not fully understand one or more of our conditions of sale or if you have any questions about the rental or other, do not hesitate to contact us.

In some circumstances, we may not know if our suppliers on site have a particular vehicle. This will be clearly indicated before or after sending your application. If necessary, we will put the car "on request" at our local supplier. This means that even if we can not immediately confirm the availability of the vehicle you have requested, we will make every effort to obtain it and we will contact you within 48 hours of your request.

When you agree to rent a vehicle or other product on this website at the suggested rate, the reservation may be accepted within 48 hours of your request (or up to 24 hours before your arrival, if your reservation is Less than 48 hours before the start of the lease). We will inform you by email and will send you a confirmation of reservation if it is accepted.

Please note that any contract concluded will be with the person who currently reserves the vehicle, and that all correspondence will be sent to the indicated address, even if the payment of the rent is made by a third person. In order to avoid any confusion, nothing in our conditions of sale indicates that a third party can claim benefits.

Accuracy of disclosure
While we strive to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site, neither we, nor our affiliates, suppliers, or agents can be held responsible for the accuracy of this information. It is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all information / data provided on this site.

The rental voucher must be presented to our supplier on site at the time the rental vehicle is taken over. We will not be held responsible for the refusal of the rental if the voucher is not presented.

MAGLOCATION.COM declines all responsibility for charges invoiced as a result of a document signed and accepted on the spot.

We will not be held liable in the event of drunk driving or under the influence of drugs, intentional damage, off-road driving or reckless, inattentive (neglect). You will assume full responsibility. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

What is included or not in the price

Please read the terms and conditions

The partial coverage in the event of a collision (CDW) allows the customer to reduce his liability, in relation to the total cost of damages, to a lump sum (if any), unless it caused the accident intentionally, He was drunk, under the influence of drugs, or through prohibited conduct or negligence (for example, driving off-road or subletting to a third party). CDW coverage covers liability for damage to the vehicle or its parts and accessories. The insurance policy establishes that in most rental destinations, windshields, tires, chassis, replacement of locks or keys, and towing charges are not covered. As other exclusions may apply, we recommend that you consult them with the supplier when taking charge of the vehicle, as they may vary from one rental company to another.

Protection in case of theft
Flight Protection (TP): reduces the tenant's liability to a lump sum (if applicable) in the event of theft or attempted theft of the vehicle. Any negligence related to theft of the vehicle may result in the claiming of the entire market value of the vehicle by the local supplier.


Carefully check the details of the insurance provided by our local supplier. It is not unusual for third party insurance to exclude family members or relatives residing at the same address who are traveling with you on board the vehicle. Additional insurances are generally available from our local suppliers, but first check if your travel insurance does not include such coverage. To leave consciousness alone, MAGLOCATION.COM strongly recommends that you take note of the extent of protection provided and, if necessary, take out additional coverage for your spouse, children or relatives accompanying you on board of the vehicle.

Individual accident insurance (PAI)
This optional insurance may already be included in your travel insurance (check before traveling).

The products of protection and exemption of the expenses of MAGLOCATION.COM

When you pick up your car, the car rental company will charge you a deposit in case the car gets damaged during your rental.

Our products do not cover :
Cleaning costs
Damage to the interior of the car, unless caused by a collision
Damage to child seats, GPS devices or any additional equipment or loss
The cost of repairs or other services not approved by the car rental company

Costs incurred in circumstances that violate the conditions of sale of the rental contract (eg dangerous or negligent driving, errors in supply, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol).

Fuel policy and on-site security deposits
Most of our on-site suppliers will ask for a deposit at the beginning of the rental to cover fuel costs, deductible and other expenses incurred during the rental. A valid credit card will be required in most cases (check with the reservation center); It must be in the name of the main driver. This deposit will be returned to you upon return of the vehicle provided that the vehicle and its options (child seat, GPS ...) are returned in the same condition as when taken over and that the fuel policy has been (Please note that this amount will be released within 14 days).

Most companies provide the vehicle with full and it is to bring back full also, otherwise the customer will be charged for the full cost and service.

Other agencies require the customer to pay for a full when taking charge of the vehicle and returns it with an empty tank. In these cases there is no refund for unused fuel.

When the rental company charges you for fuel, its cost may be higher than it would be at a local gas station.

Service charge outside normal business hours
According to your request, you will be taken care of as soon as you arrive and your vehicle will be made available to you, even outside the normal opening hours. However, this service may be subject to a surcharge, to be paid directly to the supplier on site. We will notify you of any possible charges when you confirm the time of the pick-up in your reservation request. If the arrival of your flight is delayed, causing the vehicle to be taken outside normal business hours, a surcharge will be charged on site if this service is available. We will not be held more responsible if the out-of-hours service is not applicable and your flight is delayed; It is recommended that you take out travel insurance from a company independent of our services.

Minimum / maximum age
The minimum age for renting a vehicle is 21 years. Supplements may apply to certain suppliers for drivers under 25 and over 65 years of age. In the event that the age of the driver has been correctly indicated at the time of booking, we will inform you of any supplement. Suppliers can also raise the minimum age required for the largest groups of vehicles. Please inquire at our booking center if you have any questions or doubts about this.

Additional Drivers
Additional fees will be charged for additional drivers, and will be payable locally. Please check with our booking center. Rental Period / Daily Rate Calculation / Rental Extensions

The rental periods are calculated in increments of 24 hours and its price confirmed at the time of booking. After taking over your vehicle, if you wish to extend the rental period after taking over the car, or if you wish to return it later than the date / time indicated on your booking voucher, your only one Will be our local supplier, which will charge you at the local daily rate (which may be much higher than our rate when you make your initial reservation).

Returns / extensions
The duration of your rental starts and ends according to the dates of pick-up and return indicated on your voucher. Unfortunately, MAGLOCATION.COM can not refund unused days if the vehicle is returned earlier than expected or taken care of later. If you are unable to pick up the car at the agreed time and date, it is essential to contact us as soon as possible. If you do not, you will have no guarantee that the car will always be available - and you will not be entitled to any refund.

Child seats and personalized services
Child seats, roof racks (not available on some vehicles) and other additional equipment are available on request for most suppliers even if they are not guaranteed. These accessories are usually subject to a surcharge payable to our local supplier. Please check with our booking center if these facilities are included. Requests for additional services must be made at the time of booking.

Supplements to the hotel
In most destinations, the provider will offer a delivery and return service to and from your place of residence, subject to a possible surcharge, to be paid locally. The full address and time of delivery must be specified at the time of booking and we will indicate the amount of the service. Please note that deliveries can not be made to or from private residences.

Any departure from the territory of Martinique is formally forbidden. In case of infringement, the supplier will take the necessary legal measures.

If you wish to change your reservation

You can change your booking without charge before the start of the rental. This excludes any charges for major changes such as the duration of the rental or the type of car or if the rental company changes its rates compared to the initial booking. With some companies, changes to the name of the driver or place of pick-up may result in the cancellation of the existing reservation and create a new booking. To cancel your reservation, please contact the rental company. The conditions of sale vary according to the suppliers and will be clearly specified during the booking process.

If we change your reservation

Sometimes we have to make changes to a reservation (after acceptance of the rental company). In any case, we will notify you as soon as it is possible to do so before the rental starts. If the proposed changes do not suit you, you will of course receive a full refund. However, in certain circumstances, our liability will not be incurred in the event of direct or indirect losses caused by the changes implemented.

Required documents
Your booking voucher will normally be available once payment has been received and the car confirmed by the car rental company. Please note that some cars "on request" may take longer to be confirmed and we will inform you if this is the case. When the car can not be withdrawn due to lack of documentation or due to the failure to provide a valid credit card, you will not be entitled to a refund of the sums paid. Please ensure that you are traveling with your booking voucher, valid driver's license and other identification.

Driver's license
Drivers must present a full French driver's license issued for at least 1 year. If you are a UK citizen holding a "credit card" driver's license with photo, drivers must also present the paper documents that accompany the photo card. Our reservations center must be informed of any withdrawal of points or contraventions affecting the validity of your permit at the time of booking and MAGLOCATION.COM reserves the right to refuse a rental on this principle in accordance with the terms and conditions of our local suppliers. Anyone driving the vehicle must be in possession of his driver's license at any time in case of control by the local authorities. Losses refused by our local suppliers due to the non-presentation of the driver's license or the non-disclosure of withdrawal of points or contravention will not be reimbursed. Please note that an international driver's license is not a substitute for the original national driver's license. If you are using an international driver's license, a full national driver's license will always be required to rent the vehicle.

Capacity and vehicle category
All vehicles are insured for a maximum number of passengers. MAGLOCATION.COM assumes no liability for the capacity of the vehicle in respect of all passengers and their baggage. For information, please refer to the MAGLOCATION.COM website for the approximate capacity of the different categories of vehicles available. We can not be held responsible for the refusal of a rental by our local supplier because of the number of passengers in relation to the size of the vehicle.

MAGLOCATION.COM is not able to guarantee the availability of a particular vehicle model or brand. The vehicle model shown on your voucher is for illustrative purposes only and may be replaced by a similar model or upgraded.

Vehicle discount
Our local suppliers reserve the right to refuse to hand over a vehicle to any person who is considered unsuitable for driving or who does not qualify. In this case, MAGLOCATION.COM can not be held responsible for any ancillary expenses related to your trip, any refund or compensation or other costs that you will be required to pay.

If you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever of your rental, please inform our local supplier as soon as possible. It is difficult for MAGLOCATION.COM to properly evaluate your rental claims if this action is not taken during the rental period. If you wish to make a complaint at the end of your reservation, please contact our customer service department within 3 months of your return.

Mechanical problems / Accidents
In case of breakdown or mechanical problems, you must contact our local supplier immediately. Our local supplier must give you permission for any repair or replacement of vehicle. If you are involved in an accident, the local police and our local supplier should be contacted. Please keep copies of all documents you are requested to complete. You may need it if you want to play the insurance.

When you rent a vehicle from our company, you are subject to the terms and conditions of rental imposed by our local supplier and the corresponding laws where the rental takes place. You will therefore be subject to both our terms of sale and those of our local supplier. MAGLOCATION.COM declines any responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss, damage, modification, delay or change due to civil disturbances, strikes (including air traffic control strikes), terrorist activities, natural disasters or Unforeseeable transport problems, closure or congestion of airports or ports, cancellation of scheduled flights and the financial bankruptcy of airlines.

Conditions of your contract with MAGLOCATION.COM
Regardless of how you booked, it is very important that we offer you the opportunity to understand how and when a contract is formed. The technical steps required for a contract are as follows: when we tell you our prices on our website, we invite you to make an offer to purchase. You have confirmed this offer only by clicking on the "Book now" button on our "Payment Details" page.

MAGLOCATION.COM considers to have accepted this offer once we have received the full payment and you will have sent the confirmation voucher. A contract will then be created between you and MAGLOCATION.COM, which will act as a rental agent directly or indirectly as an intermediary.

MAGLOCATION.COM will be liable for any losses you may incur if MAGLOCATION.COM violates the contract to the extent that such losses are a foreseeable consequence of the breach of contract by MAGLOCATION.COM. The losses are said to be foreseeable when they could be considered by both you and MAGLOCATION.COM at the time of the formation of the contract. MAGLOCATION.COM will not be liable for indirect losses which may be caused by a side effect of the main losses or damages and which are not foreseeable by you, or MAGLOCATION.COM. We shall not be held liable, without limitation, for loss of profit, loss of opportunity, loss of customer, direct loss, damage or expense incurred.

We can not be held personally liable or through our local suppliers in the event of non-performance or delay in fulfilling its obligations. Obligations under or as a result of the booking, reservation voucher, rental, or terms and conditions, and / or to the extent that the service is delayed, hindered or prevented due to force majeure , That is to say, an event outside the control of the party in question. If the case of force majeure were to last more than 14 consecutive days, MAGLOCATION.COM could cancel and cancel this booking or rental by giving 14 days notice by mail to the billing address you originally indicated. Any advance payment will be refunded.

MAGLOCATION.COM reserves the right to cancel any reservation with immediate or limited notice in certain circumstances such as the bankruptcy of a partner supplier. As far as possible, MAGLOCATION.COM will arrange to arrange the availability of an alternative vehicle but be aware that during periods of high demand this is not always feasible. If a customer has made a fully prepaid reservation and we notify him / her up to 48 hours before the vehicle is taken over, the customer will receive a refund of all sums already paid. In the unlikely event that we give you less than 48 hours notice to customers who have already paid the full amount of the reservation, MAGLOCATION.COM will offer a full refund of any amount already paid and will cover any other foreseeable loss incurred by the customer As a result of the breach of the contract by MAGLOCATION.COM. In case the booking has been paid with a deposit and MAGLOCATION.COM notifies the customer up to 7 days before the pick-up, the customer will receive a full refund of any amount already advanced.

Make reservations or buy or request products or services
If you wish to make reservations or to purchase or request products or services described on this site, we (or our business partners) may ask you to provide certain data applicable to your booking or purchase - including, without limitation, card information Credit and other personal data about you. You understand that these data will be processed by us as described in our privacy policy. You agree that all data you provide for this purpose will be accurate, up-to-date and complete. You agree to pay any fees incurred by you or any other user of your account, credit card or other means of payment at the rate (s) or price in effect when such charges are incurred. You will also be responsible for paying all taxes applicable to your purchases.

A verification of submitted data may be required before we accept any reservation, purchase or order. Except as required by law and in accordance with what is expressed on this site, prices, rates and availability of products or services are subject to change without notice. You acknowledge that bookings, purchases and services are subject to additional terms of sale and other conditions imposed by us or by the rental car company providing your vehicle.

Terms of Use
It is forbidden to anyone to use any device, software or interface to connect directly or indirectly, or attempt to connect to this site, to retrieve content, and other data, including prices. It is also prohibited to disrupt, or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of this site. Your use of the site indicates your acceptance of these terms of use.

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Privacy Policy - Credit Card Information
The credit card data that customers provide us are not registered on our website and are used only by secure payment servers (Paypal or FullPass Monetics).

Privacy policy - Personal data of our customers
The names and addresses of our customers, details of their reservations and their email addresses are stored in the database on the application servers and database. The data is never communicated, used by or sold to anyone outside MAGLOCATION.COM without consent. The names and email addresses of customers are used by our sales and marketing departments to send promotional emails, quote re-emails and special offers by email to our customers.

Privacy Policy - Confidentiality
All personally identifiable information that we collect from you on this site, including (without limitation) your personal data collected during any booking process, is subject to the privacy policy applicable to this site. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

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The reviews express the opinions of MAGLOCATION.COM's guests who filled out a questionnaire after their rental. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of MAGLOCATION.COM.